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From Within the Walls

  • A prisoner’s incarceration without hope of release is in many respects in like case to a sentence of death. He can never atone for his offence. However he may use his incarceration as time for amendment of life, his punishment is only exhausted by his last breath. (Lord Justice Laws, 2008)

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  • Jennie Erdal: The Missing Shade of Blue
  • Norman Davies: Vanished Kingdoms
  • Gyorgy Dragoman: The White King
  • Richard S Westfall: Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton

Why Write

  • One of my articles of faith as a novelist is that you are suspending judgment, you are not saying that this is better than that. You’re putting sympathy and compassion before moral judgment — which is not the same as saying there is no moral dimension to writing, far from it. I think there is a moral dimension, but it’s a moral dimension which is governed by empathy, compassion, and a preparedness to suspend easy judgment. (Graham Swift)
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


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I love these short posts of yours - they are like unexpected pearls. And this one, with such a beautiful subject, well... Are the photographs yours? The last one is spectacular.

converse pas cher

Mwen renmen sa yo Posts kout nan ou - yo tankou silansye inatandi pearls.The nan jèn li eksepte pou son natirèl la nan van hoofbeats, SNAP ki te nan kay la fin vye granmoun journaux Pataje nan sezon fredi frèt, eron sovaj kriye aval fè wout yo te pou tout tan pèdi.

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